Kerie Boshka is an author, a mother of three, and a survivor of suicide. She has dedicated her life to helping people of all ages turn difficult circumstances around for good. She is known for her dynamic and engaging speaking style and conducts workshops for a variety of audiences.

Kerie founded the Fantastic Life Choices™ Program in 2013. FLC is an organization based on the philosophy that kids who learn how to positively influence one another early on will find success in every area of their lives. As part of the Fantastic Life Choices™ program, kindergarten through fifth grade students write, illustrate, and become published authors of a five book children’s series titled A Kids’ Guide to Making Fantastic Life Choices. Young adults also benefit from the program, becoming mentors and community leaders as part of one of the FLC Young Entrepreneur teams.

Kerie is the author of the newly released 5-star book, If God Cares So Much, Why Do I Still Hurt? In her book, she shares her experience of finding true and lasting happiness after overcoming her first husband’s suicide. Kerie is a contributing author to the largest grief support community on the internet, the Open to Hope Foundation. In addition to her children’s series, Kerie is currently working on her adult books, A Practical Guide to Making Fantastic Life Choices, A Parents’ Guide to Helping Kids Make Fantastic Life Choices, and Fantastic Life Choices From Amazing People With Amazing Stories.